Water Activities

All campers will be offered the option of playing in the pool or choosing an alternative water activity. Each camper who chooses to use the pool will be screened to determine his/her swimming skills and will be permitted to swim only in sections of the pool that are appropriate for his/her demonstrated swimming ability.

There will be two certified lifeguards and at least two staff members on duty at the pool at all times when campers are in the pool area. Campers will be offered the opportunity to use the pool every day of camp unless they are away on a field trip or there is some reason why we need to close the pool on a given day. Please note that while we offer play time in the pool to give the kids an opportunity to cool off, we do not offer any swimming instruction.

The Camp offers alternative water activities (such as a slip-n-slide) for campers who do not want to play in the pool (or whose parents do not want them to play in the pool).